«New military uniform «VARAN ARMED FORCES OF UKRAINE»

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«New military uniform «VARAN ARMED FORCES OF UKRAINE»

We continue to develop and to take part in improvement of our brave ARMY!
The next thing on the agenda is to sew the new experimental military uniform «VARAN ARMED FORCES OF UKRAINE».
The development of the new improved model is oriented to summer season. This uniform is developed with consideration of the soldiers’ wants and needs, and it is offered to the Armed Forces of Ukraine as a multifunctional uniform, that is one-of-a-kind in the whole world.
So, let take a closer look at this marvelous uniform:

The outfit includes:

  • Uniform coat;
  • trousers;
  • 2 hats: a military hat + Ukrainian military hat «mazepinka»;
  • cover (covering for a helmet).

Benefits of the new model:

  • Ukrainian design;
  • Ukrainian fabric;
  • It is unique;
  • Unique camouflage;
  • Multifunctional and four seasons;
  • Adapted for any type of environment;
  • Doesn’t fuse, breathes and doesn’t provoke allergic reactions;
  • Facilitates the identification “friend-or-foe”. Army currently has a great number of different types of the uniform:«Oaks», «Pixel», «British», «Bundes», «Multicam» etc, which makes the identification more difficult;
  • Comfortable cut;
  • Large pockets with convenient access;
  • Quiet touch fasteners and braces;
  • Elastic insets on the knees;
  • Wide belt;
  • Washeable (sturdy against wash);
  • new structure of fabric;
  • improved characteristics of the concealing in the infrared spectrum of the night vision devices;
  • individual, that is sewed for each soldier separately, using personal sizes, with individual patch that includes full name, and with mark with personal military rate;
  • new templates, that allow to save money, in comparison with the previous types of the uniform, about 1 m of fabric is saved on each outfit, which as a result leads to money saving.

The price of 1 outfit is 960 UAH






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