Psychological assistance for military personnel

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«Psychological assistance for military personnel to perform their tasks in the ATO zone»

Charity Organization “Charity Foundation “Phoenix wings”” together with the non-governmental organization “Ukrainian Association of the Professionals on the combatting the consequences of the psycho-traumatic events” launches a new project directed to assist and educate the military service members.
Since 2014, the team of psychologists has been cooperating with the Psychological support administration of the Head department for working with military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. We continuously conduct psychological assistance and education in military units, educational centers, higher military educational institutions, combined arms proving grounds and in the ATO zone.

Psychological assistance includes the following dimensions:
- psychological training for performance of battle missions in the ATO zone;
- crisis psychological aid during the stay in the ATO zone;
- psychological stabilization of the soldiers on return from the ATO zone;
- providing the guidance materials for the deputy assistant on working with military personnel;
- preparation for the peaceful life after the army discharge.

Our team consists of more than 60 professionals from different regions of Ukraine, that have a graduate degree in Psychology and Psychiatry and an additional qualification to provide crisis psychological aid. This let us organize the work with brigades almost in all the regions of Ukraine. We are now systematically cooperating and providing assistance to the following brigades: 24th, 30th, 53rd, 54th, 92nd and 93rd separate mechanized brigades; 3rd regiment of special ops unit; 56th, 57th and 59th separate mechanized infantry brigades; 81st separate airmobile brigade, 24th area defense battalion “Aidar”, 17th separate armored brigade, 40th separate tactical air force brigade, 36th separate marine infantry brigade. We also cooperate systematically with the 169th training center of the Land Force as for developing and testing of the programs of the psychological training for performance of battle missions.

The current project doesn’t have the fixed budget and will be closed when there will be no need in our help.
Our army is getting more and more support; it is getting stronger. And it’s all thanks to You! But we still need your help!

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