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«A Memory Tree»

Our soldiers are dying practically every day in the Anti-terrorist operation zone. Representatives of both the Armed Forces of Ukraine and volunteer units sacrifice their lives to our life and peace. Ukrainian Ministry of Defense indicates several thousands casualties. There is a well-known saying: “Every man has to achieve three things: plant a tree, build a house, and raise a son”. Many of the Ukrainian men cannot do this as they died serving their country and protecting all of us. In April 2015 “The Action” NGO initiated an all-Ukrainian project “A Memory Tree”. Its goal is pretty straightforward: to start form a small step and plant a tree to honor each and every one of the  fallen soldiers.  Each tree will have a sing made as a soldier’s dog tag, dates of birth and death as well as place of birth & death.

Places where such trees have been already planted include Kyiv, Kharkiv, Lviv, Dinpro, Mykolaiv, and Fastiv. 127 trees have been planted in a year and a half period of time but unfortunately the are much more soldiers to be remembered. The Project is funded by the NGO itself, many volunteers and generous citizens from the different Ukrainian cities and towns.  Representatives of the local state authorities join the action from time to time. At the same time all of this is not enough to successfully maintain the Project.

Ukraine remembers and honors her heroes! The Phoenix Wings team has joined the Project “A Memory Tree” and we announce a fundraising campaign to be able to plant the similar tree alleys in other Ukrainian cities and places honoring our heroes. The estimated cost for one tree is UAH1250 (a seedling – UAH900, a sign – UAH250, a chain – UAH20, and a fertilizer – UAH80) and the total amount may be different in a particular region and considering a currency exchange rate.  
We can plant the trees together and honor the Ukraine’s soldiers! If not us, then who?

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