Equipping the mobile military vehicle trailer systems

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«Equipping the mobile military vehicle trailer systems»

Si vis pacem, para bellum
"If you want to achieve peace – prepare to war", - Cornelius Nepos– Roman historian

We can really understand the full meaning of these words now, and realize, that this phrase describes our reality today! We don’t agitate, we don’t compel, we don’t insist. We just tell you, that our future depends on each of us. The success consists of little things, which together form a unified powerful mechanism, which clears the path toward the goal. Protected back areas are the guarantee of our safety: powerful army provided with enough food and neat uniform is our peaceful future, but, unfortunately, it’s not like that at present time.
But we can do it! And we will do it! Our task is not only to repel the aggression; our task is also to help, to warm, to feed and to maintain the decent appearance of our defenders!
Do you want to be a part of our Ukrainian world?! Do you want to help?! Then you are with us for sure, and you know and feel, what we are fighting for! Andyouknowwhatyoudeserve!

Currently, the state of the soldiers’ everyday life in the ATO zone is not very good. The majority of the soldiers don’t have an opportunity to wash and dry their cloths and footwear. We continue to carry out the project of reequipping the old military KUNGs (the mobile military vehicle trailer systems) into the mobile laundry rooms, equipped with generators, washing machines and clothes dryers. At the current stage, 10 laundry rooms, equipped with double set of washing and drying machines, are put in commission and are actively used.

Our new plan is the equipment of 20 more KUNGs (the mobile military vehicle trailer systems) according to the existing program. The budget of this project is calculated for the new task.
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«Equipping the mobile military vehicle trailer system»
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