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«Hospitals and humanitarian projects»

The situation in the Anti-Terrorist Operation zone brings about the fact, that our soldiers need our help not only at the frontline, but also after they return. Hospitals and other medical establishments need our support to provide the high-quality treatment and rehabilitation to the wounded soldiers, who returned from the frontline. It is very difficult to put it in a nutshell describing what our medical establishments need, especially with such a great load that they have now. Everything is needed, starting from the transport to the bed-clothing, sophisticate medical apparatus, bandaging material, beds and mattresses, medications and surgical instruments.

We get the substantial help both in Ukraine and abroad; there is a growing amount of the people, who are not indifferent and who support our country, and we are very grateful for that! The objective of the Foundation is not to leave anyone alone in trouble and to help everyone, who needs medical help after the participation in the battle actions in the Anti-Terrorist Operation zone. This project doesn’t have the fixed  budget and will be closed, when our help will not be needed.

Our army gets more and more support, it gets stronger. And it’s all thanks to you! But we still need your help!
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