Vehicles purchase for the reconnaissance

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“Vehicles purchase for the reconnaissance”

The war continues. Despite the evolution of the Ukrainian army, our fighters still need help. We, the whole our country, have managed to cope with the task – to provide the army with cloths, footwear andfood. We helped the country to solve the army provision problems in the shortest period of time. But unfortunately, we still have a lot of unsolved problems, that can be currently solved only by us!
“The Phoenix Wings” has already implemented the range of projects connected with the provision of our subunits with the vehicles: Mitsubishi L200 for 79th brigade, humanitarian ambulance for «ASAP», repair works for technical equipment for 25th and 79th brigades. Thus we clearly understand the scope of tasks we have.
We support the projects, that are not financed by the government. Our reconnaissance men have to work non-stop to ensure that we have an advantage over the enemy and that or country is ready to rebut the invaders. This is what the course of the war and the number of casualties among our defenders depend on.
To help the reconnaissance men to become more mobile and to facilitate the performance of the missions, the Country Support Foundation “The Phoenix Wings” will give the reconnaissance service the used civil offroader, that will be bought for money collected in this project.
The budget of the project is calculated according to the price analysis.


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