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Our goal is to equip our platoon, fighting against Russian aggressors on the Eastern part of Ukraine with UAV systems that are similar to the military UAV system, used in the world.

For last six months we have been working on developing of the prototype system for multi rotor platform. Now structure of UAV is stabilised and we are ready to equip our squad with first 3 items to make it complete.

Result of our work you could see in the first photo:


System has been tested during large amount of trainings at day and night time. First drone version had performed tens of missions in the zone of conflict. As a result we have reached the following parameters for our copters:

- 50 minutes flight;

- 10 km flight radius;

- night camera with thermal core;

- GoPro camera;

- base station is situated far from the operator (operator could work more safer). Usually, Russian troops starting bombing our positions on 3rd or 4th minutes. Now, we are much safer!

After stabilization of copters parameters, we are announcing our goal: to buy 3 items and make our intelligence platoon complete.

Approx budget for this project is: 15 000 $. 

Some additional photos of our UAV:

 Also, you could get more information from our Youtube channel

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PayPal: yurkan@mail.com

WebMoney account numbers:

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