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«Military-transport aircrafts»

This is probably one of the most bright and ambitious projects of The Phoenix Wings, which,according to many participants, became a symbol of the renewal of the particular aircraft, as well as the symbol of the renewal of Ukraine in general!
So, meet the "Lucky". This aircraft, as well as many other military transport aircrafts since the time of the collapse of the Soviet Union, was meant to become a scrap pile. Slowly dying in a store-room, An-26 saw everyday, how his more lucky colleagues were taking off from the airfield at "Borispol" airport. At that moment he didn’t realize, that there were People close to him, who would change the history for this aircraft. There were four months between the moment, when the idea to regenerate the aircraft appeared, and the moment of the first flight. Four month of the thorough work of the engineering and technical staff, volunteers’ help, financial aid of the caring citizens and all these in the conditions of the war for independance and territorial integrity of Ukraine against more economically and military strong agressor, under the conditions of the total absence of the state-financing, bureaucratic obstacles, ruined connections with the spare parts suppliers! There were only four months from the timid dream on the ground to the cheerful noise of the propellers and gorgeous wings span in the Ukrainian sky!

Success inspires us to achieve more.

What are we working on now?

The project “Little Helper”

Goal № 1 – to reconstruct the military transport aircraft An-26 and to bring back its ability to fly.

Goal № 2 – to equip on the An-26 board a mobile hospital, that has the modern operating room, technical resources, that allow to conduct reanimation measures and to administer the maximum range of the medical aid during the transportation of the wounded from the battle actions zone to the safe territory.

Moreover, the helicopters are also waiting for our help. But we will speak about that later :)

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