79th Mykolayiv Separate Air Borne Brigade

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Cooperation with 79th Mykolayiv Separate Air Borne Brigade started in April 2014 when our paratroopers were standing guard in Kherson region (bordering with the Crimea).

We started with purchasing body armor vests (plate carriers), military uniform and clothes, tactical goggles (strong wind with sand made the guarding very difficult). Every batch of the goggles was tested with shrapnel shooting off at the firing range.

Here is below the list of the essentials which are supplied to this army detachment by our foundation:

  • Body armor vests / plate carriers;
  • Tactical goggles;
  • Kevlar combat helmets;
  • Individual first aid kits (please see more details here in the article What is a Wings Phoenix's First Aid Kit?)
  • Night vision devices, thermovisors, range finders;
  • Radiosets;
  • Food;
  • Military uniform, clothes and army boots;
  • Hiking equipment (tents, sleeping bags, sleeping mats).

Alongside with supplying the detachment with pre-owned NATO body armor vests our volunteers started tailoring plate carriers on their own. The production was successfully launched and currently our plate carriers are supplied to the many detachments of the Ukrainian army and the police force volunteer battalions. The hard armor plates  we use are of Ukrainian manufacturer “TEMP 3000”.

When the 79th Brigade was entrapped next to the Russian border, our volunteers arranged a hot extraction of the wounded and dead soldiers. Upon breaking out of the entrapping a quick displacement of the brigade was organized. Our foundation provided with the transport for this purpose.

Upon brigade’s returning to Mykolayiv for a short-term rehabilitation Wings Phoenix foundation commenced restoring of the destroyed mobility equipment and at the same time started creating a new area defense battalion named “Phoenix Battalion”.

Additionally to the main list above we started procuring the following:

  • Military tents of USB-56 modification (unified sanitary barrack type of 1956 model year, capacity min 20 persons);
  • Offroaders Mitsubishi L200 which will be converted into patrol vehicles
  • UAVs for reconnaissance purposes

You can get more information about any additional procurements and payments for the brigade in the news section of the project at the web site.

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