What is a Wings Phoenix's First Aid Kit?

Very often we tell you about our first aid kits, which are tailored, collected and compiled by our volunteers. Now we want to show you these kits.

Let's start with appearance of our kits.

Our kits are made with Molle system and can be attached to a belt, a body armor and even to a backpack.

The kit has two partitions. In one of them there are scissors and an antiseptic. This partition is very easy to reach, you only need to pull the Velcro tape.

These are the contents of the kit.

The kit consists of:

  • adhesive bandage;
  • 2 pairs of disposable gloves;
  • antiseptic (chlorhexidin bigluconate);
  • Cellox (hemostatic agent);
  • emergency blanket;
  • bandage;
  • elastic bandage;
  • arresting bleeding tourniquet;
  • water purification tablets;
  • Naflubin(pain killer)
  • Spazmalgon (pain killer)
  • Loperamid(Anti diarrhoea medication);
  • dressings

Some medications need protection, so they are packed into an extra cover protecting from dust and humidity

The material and the zipper of the kit are of very high quality. The pouch will wear well for our soldiers.

This is a detail shot of the contents of our kit.

Our goal is to provide every soldier of our sponsored units with such first aid kits.

These kits are part of our Healthcare and Humanitarian Aid project.