Modern Gadgets Helping the Ukrainian Army

When suppliers deliver military uniform to the Army one may find that clothing colors are at odds with each other. And here is a device, which will make it much easier to standardize the color range of the uniform from its manufacturing stage till the final one at the Army warehouses.
We’ve never heard about “the PANTONE CAPSURE». The Ministry of Defense Center on Material Provision has introduced this device to us – a portable spectrophotometer, or a color determinator. The basis of CAPSURE is a matrix, similar to the one a digital camera has. It takes only seconds for this wonderful device to define a particular color.
We would like to thank a “Sombra” company for its assistance as there are no such devices here in Ukraine, and it was necessary to make an order in the United States and then take care of its delivery. A special thank to Humanitarian mail of Ukraine (NP) which provided its service in Ukraine free of charge! You may not believe it but a certain group of criminals tried to steel a parcel changing a receiver name! The NP team performed its duties professionally reacting appropriately, and this important cargo was delivered in time.
Vasyl Sakovets and Evgeniy Yelkin representing a uniform department have obtained a gadget and registered it according to all necessary procedures.