"The weekend" at the front

In the ATO zone there are no weekends. The defenders of our country need our support 7 days per week. That is why, last Saturday we went to our troopers to the East of Ukraine with an important mission. The repair unit has written a “tiny” list of needs totaling 100 000 UAH: tire jacks and tires, keys and clamps, mechanic suits and transmission gear oil. We have also added 500 kg of oranges, 150 kg of mandarins and almost 100 kg of chocolate on our behalf. The freight is partially paid by Yurii Biriukov, partially by the costs of ”Solidarnost” in Mykolaivska region, partially by the head of the Regional Public Administration Oleksiy Savchenko, and the rest of money to pay are collected by the Country support foundation “Phoenix Wings”.
This is how we all together collect money for support and help. Do you want to help but don’t know how? Please, contact us: http://wings-phoenix.org.ua/en/about-fund