BronchoStop is going to Zaporizhzhya city

Spring is coming! It is a beautiful season! All of us are waiting for winter to be over counting each day till its last one comes. We hope that good news and optimism will also come together with the sun and warm weather! We would like to update you on the last delivery of the anti-cold medicine called BronchStop (syrup and drops). 

This time, volunteers from Zaporizhzhya city – a charity fund “the Zaporizhzhya Volunteers Union” - helped us. We asked them to bring and distribute the following among the soldiers:

- BronchStop (syrup) 1172 packages;

- BronchStop (drops) 660 packages.

So, now, we know that more than 1800 people will get this useful medicine. Tomorrow, we will be able to get something new. Please check our web-site for further news and updates.