The New Year Project

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All of us being part of the charity organization ““The Phoenix Wings” Charitable Fund” worked hard in 2015 and did our best helping Ukraine and Ukrainian Army. We always tried to address those needs, which soldiers have described as the most urgent ones. It was often not realistic to get the necessary assistance from a state sector but it was absolutely possible for us and you to help! When it was necessary to test the boots or new uniform we were always ready to help. We supported the campaign “Stay clean” to provide our army with the special cleaning UBNDs (UBND - a standardized military trailer system) allowing soldiers to wash & dry clothes. We also supported the most “warm” project of the year and organized the fleece jackets to be collected and delivered to our soldiers. All of this is very good and really necessary but…

Each soldier is a son and for the mother he will be always her kid. And we know that all kids need a fairy tale, even the little one!  The holiday season makes this need just more essential. So, we have come up with a short-term “New Year” Project. The coming Christmas and New Year is a special time and we want to take care of our soldiers. They are
expecting this from their dear ones and we are also among such human beings. We plan to buy approximately 600 kg of the sweets & candies and send all of them to the soldiers during the entire holiday season in December – January.

There are several ways to participate: you may provide us with the financial support or deliver the sweet presents to us (21, Moskovsky pr., Storage #1, Kyiv).



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