Media about us

We successfully deliver huge amount of cargo to the divisions of The Ukrainian Army and of The National Guards at the front line. At first, we were admitted and supported by wide range of social networks users. Later, Media across the World joined the list of thankful supporters.

Foreing Media:

  2. Washington Post:
  3. Mashable:

Ukrainian Media:

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  3. "Segodnya" about Lucky:
  4. Biriukov on Hromadske TV:
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  10. ICTV:
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  12. STB:
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  15. 5th channel:
  16. Novoe Vremya. Volunteer's histories:
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  18. Radio ERA:
  19. Insider:
  20. 5th channel about the wedding in the hospital:
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  23. INTV:
  24. Biriukov about the withdrawal of the ring:
  25. Viysko Ukraini:
  26. Espresso TV. Reporting and Investigation with A. Shevchenko:
  27. Espresso TV. Conversation with Mykola Kniazhytskyi:
  28. Spilno TV:
  29. 24th channel:
  30. Viyskove TV:
  31. Volunteers and soldiers loans:
  32. New battalion "Phoenix":
  33. Interview with Igor Fedirko:
  34. Trainings of battalion "Phoenix":
  35. Volunteers update Army car fleet:
  36. Pickups for "Phoenix" battalion:
  37. Spaced Armour for BMP and BTR:
  38.  "PhoenixWings" and modern field fortifications:
  39. Yuri Biriukov on Hromadske TV:
  40. Transfer of mobile laundry:
  41. Yuri Biriukov on ICTV "Svoboda Slova":
  42. Transfer of an ambulance to the ATO zone:
  43. Oleksandr Ermoshin on 5th channel:
  44. Report about "Ryatunchik" on "Radio Svoboda":
  45. Antonina Buzilo on "Sotsialna Kraina":
  46. Report about "Varan AFU" on STB:
  47. Report about "Varan AFU" on 24th channel:
  48. Report about "Varan AFU" on ICTV:
  49. Report about "Varan AFU" on 112 Ukraina":
  50. Report about "Varan AFU" on 5th channel:
  51. Mobile laundry from "Phoenix Wings" on international expoforum:
  52. Antonina Buzilo on 17th channel :
  53. Report about flu UBR:
  54. Article about receiving of "Bronchostop":
  55. Report of about modernisation of "Lucky":
  56. Interview with Iaroslav Makarenko about work of foundation:
  57. СЕГОДНЯ.ua about fraudsters:
  58. Article about psychologist project:
  59. "Phoenix Wings" and "Memory Tree" project:
  60. Report about "Games of Heroes" in Mykolayiv:
  61. Report about "Games of Heroes" in Mykolayiv:
  62. UkrInform about "Games of Heroes" in Mykolayiv":
  63. Report about "Games of Heroes" in
  64. "PhoenixWings" in the 55th school in Kiev:
  65. The Ministry of Youth and Sports about "Games of Heroes":