The footwear for the battalion “Phoenix”

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«The footwear for the battalion “Phoenix”»

While the technical conditions for the new footwear are being approved, while the manufacturers arebeing chosen etc., our soldiers really need the RIGHT FOOTWEAR!
Let’s provide shoes for our heroes together!

The features of the chosen footwear:

  • made in Ukraine;
  • 2,2 mm leather;
  • the original waterproof membrane made in Europe;
  • usage of the original fabric Cordura;
  • two-layer sole made of polyurethane rubber;
  • two pare of sock liners (for summer and for winter);
  • kevlar sock liners (protect from the puncture of the sole);
  • the price is only(!) 1400 UAH (VAT included);
  • two pair of the shoes strings.

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