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To dress a sordier is a constant and very important task! The task of our project is to dress a soldier right.

The conditions of the soldiers’ daily life include a range of limitations: small living space, specific hygiene environment, lack of special abstergents etc.

The Fleece Military Jacket is a Ukrainian improved version of the American model of the fleece  jacket ECWCS Gen III Level III.

It is a Fleece Tactical Jacket designed to provide the normal thermal balance of the soldier’s body during the low temperatures of the environment. It prevents from the hypothermia at the low intensity of the movements, providing at the same time the normal ventilation and letting the body ‘breath’ at the active work or move.

All the areas, that are actively exploited (elbow area, shoulders, collar, side area and pockets area) are protected with the layer of the solid and durable camouflage fabric , reinforced by the “ripstop” technology. The protection of the fleece fabric in the beforementioned areas additionally improves the wind protection of the fleece at the wind speed over 5 meters per second (or over 11,2 miles per hour).

The jacket is also practical due to the cargo pockets on the front side of the jacket, central tractor zipper with two sliders, high collar and elastic bands beneath.

The Ukrainian manufacturer made this jacket more affordable – for only 570 UAH per item!

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